Things Teenagers Face

Teenagers are considered to be the young adults, youth or minor with an age range of thirteen to nineteen. Lifestyle of a teenager may change daily depending on their situations. In a minute they are interested with new things after a while day tend to turn around 360 degrees due to constant changes they are exposed too, such as new ideas, current trend, people, social situations and at that age they are still developing their personalities and interests they would pursue.

Even so such phase in life will include circumstances and failures. Some of the things a teenager face becomes more and more hurtful and hard since the worlds situation is getting worse and worse. Looking at something negative and turning it into a positive situation.

An example of this situation is Teenage pregnancy which is considered as an awful situation during the 60’s and 70’s however as time go by it seems to create a trend to young adults to have sexual intercourse in a very young age. Such person is called “Liberated”.

In some cases peer pressure is the reason for teenagers to decide on doing things they should not do. Pressuring others will make the person feel competitive or challenging to do the same, in order for them to be in or not to be left out of their peers.

Anger management would be hard for teenagers since they are usually open on what they feel and expression, in such cases disorders such as passive anger and aggressive anger can be seen. If it gets worse than usual the parents might want to consider anger management course singapore for them to be guided on the things they should do in such cases.

Technology is getting better and more helpful to people but then we ask why is the world getting harder to live in even though people are trying to live a life easier. Even our light switches could be turned on and off from our gadgets and you won’t have to go find looking for the switch to turn on your light. This makes a huge difference to our way of living. It’s sad to see teenagers even children to feel the kind of pain that makes them feel they are alone despite having social medias and having tons of followers or friends won’t really help.

Another reason to look for a professional help is depression, which is the usual reason for them to commit suicide without even thinking its consequences.

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